The Anti-University, Shoreditch 1968


The above map is taken from the excellent Antihistory website:

This is a research blog collecting material related to the Antiuniversity of London and related initiatives.

The Antiuniversity of London was a shortlived and intense experiment into selforganised education and communal living that took off at 49 Rivington Street in Shoreditch in February 1968

This blog will be ongoingly developed as more material comes to light. As part of this process contact has been made with various people connected to the Antiuniversity. It is to be hoped that visitors to this site will feel free to comment upon the documents collected here as well as, if they were participant in any way, share their remininscences, and knowledge of people involved in the Antiuniversity. Interviews, films and more material will be added as the project develops. The antihistory blog has been set up to share these histories and activate them once more.

2 thoughts on “The Anti-University, Shoreditch 1968

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