4 thoughts on “Dalston Riot, 1981

  1. Hi I’m just thinking to myself reading about the riot in dalston in 1981 and life for me in hackney on the whole I recognise all the for mentioned infamous land mark locations near enough and grew up with my piers all the key players at the time (West Indians) ( cockney) but I’m saddnend by the fact One man in particular who was at the fore front and knee deep in the trials and tribulations between the police and the angry black youths of hackney in fact this man was loved and respected by all the youths from Hoxton to Holly Street Clapton to kingsmead he was harassed and hassled but the Police On a daily basis only because he refused to close his predominantly West Indian pool club but I see no mention of him ? Or the 24 hour pool club he ran in the heart of dalston lane a place where the police in hackney couldn’t just run up in grab any black man with that you fit the description b.s the man I’m talking about is Ossie & the pool club Ossie’s 238 dalston lane ossie’s pool club started in the mid 70s through the late 80s a place where all aspiring disenfranchised youth was welcome but you best come correct or he might release the German Shepard from the bunker without warning lol
    I was there through it all poll tax riots hackney Tottenham riots I lived through all of it in those dark times ossie’s was the place where the police had to be careful how they conducted themselves even though Ossie pool club would get raided two of three times in a 24 hour day everyday as far as I’m Concerned you can’t mention Johnsons cafe Cubies broadway market Ridley market without talking about Ossie and his pool club

  2. One more thing I must point out Ossie’s international pool club can be seen at the top of the page next the road sign

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