Sound Kitchen: Britain’s first recording studio for women


The image above was posted on the Bishopsgate Institute facebook page.

This snippet in The Wire magazine (March 1987) reveals that the studio was underneath the Rio Cinema:


“Sound Kitchen” is a fairly common name for a studio, so it’s hard to find out more. Leave a comment or drop me an email if you used the studio, or have more information!

(thanks once again to Neil Transpontine for the tip off)

I’d encourage everyone to support The Rio (I’m a member) – local independent cinemas are a rare and special thing in 2014. They regularly show films that will be of interest to readers of this blog (for example “Breaking Ground” about the London Irish Women’s Centre in Stoke Newington).

I’d also suggest people to boycott Hackney Picturehouse as part of the campaign for workers at The Ritzy in Brixton to be paid the living wage.

2 thoughts on “Sound Kitchen: Britain’s first recording studio for women

  1. I provided some technical assistance to the Sound Kitchen / Women’s Media Resource Project (WMRP) around 1987 / 1988.

    I was, at the time, the Chief technician at the Electronic Music Studio for Goldsmiths College, London University, in New across. We were approached by Pat Adamson of WMRP to assist with a problem they were experiencing with the Hearing Aid induction loop system for the cinema, breaking through onto the audio channel of the sound mixing desk in the basement.

    There was no clear solution to the problem without lining the entire studio in metal to create a faraday cage, which was of course impractical. However Pat and I experimented voluntarily with the idea of installing a local induction loop system inside the studio and attempting to run it out of phase with the heating aid system. This, however, required a clean feed from the projection booth, and we were frustrated both by the practical distance such a cable would need to run, and in obtaining the necessary permissions from the cinema.

    I lost touch with Pat after I resigned from Goldsmiths College a couple of years later.

    I am now working overseas but would love to get in touch with her again if she sees this comment or someone knows her whereabouts can pass it on.


    Andy Woolford

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