Hackney Spycops – profiles and campaigns

A previous entry on this site summarised the cases of three Spycops known to have been active in Hackney from the mid eighties until the late nineties.

This is one example of how radical history can intersect with current activism – something I hope this blog can assist with in a small way.


The Undercover Research Group is compiling profiles on all known Spycops and would like input from people who knew them:

Mark Jenner (aka Mark Cassidy)


Bob Lambert (aka Bob Robinson)


and John Dines (aka John Barker – not to be confused of the entirely different John Barker of Stoke Newington 8 infamy). (Profile page to follow).

These profiles are part of wider research portal about Spycops.

Anyone who knew these men is encouraged to get in touch with the Undercover Research Group. Specific information is request on:

  • what they were involved in
  • what events and actions they took part in
  • what their behaviour was and whether it was different on different


Sack Bob Lambert

Islington Against Police Spies is campaigning to have police spy Bob Lambert removed from his post at London Metropolitan University, including regular pickets, media coverage etc.

You can support the campaign by joining the pickets and raising the issue directly with the University.

Police Spies Out of Lives continue to support the legal action by eight women deceived into long term intimate relationships with undercover police officers who were infiltrating environmental and social justice campaign groups.

They are encouraging people to sign their statement and support the campaign as well as making donations towards legal costs.

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