Stoke Newington 8 articles and radio documentary

A previous entry will do as an introduction to the Angry Brigade and subsequent Stoke Newington 8 trial.

All the other material on the subject on this site can be accessed by clicking on the Angry Brigade category.

Here are some other bits from around the web:

A recent article in the Hackney Gazette about the Stoke Newington 8 trial, focussing on  anarchist Stuart Christie, his acquittal and a forthcoming film about his life.

Stuart Christie has also flagged up the recent SN8 trial reconstruction that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4:

(An interesting juxtaposition of actual dialogue from the trial with descriptions of archival material from the time…)

Two articles about the Stoke Newington 8 trial from Muther Grumble “the North Easts Alternative Newspaper” (based in Durham):

Commander Bomb Explodes – reprint of an article about the trial from Up Against The Law issue 2, 17th February 1973. (republished on the Kate Sharpley Library site)


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