Stoke Newington 8 posters and more

BeatBooks specialises in rare and used books, magazines and ephemera from the Beat Generation, the Sixties CounterCulture and the Avant-Gardes.”

Their latest catalogue (published today) focuses on topics including squatting, Black Panthers, avant garde film-maker Kenneth Anger and also the Angry Brigade.

£300 for a poster is a bit out of my league, but there are some nice scans to have a look at, which I have saved below for posterity.

(Other purloined BeatBooks scans can be seen in this previous entry on this site)

34509 34509_2 34518 34519

text from BeatBooks about the above poster:

Original poster produced by the Ian Purdie and Jake Prescott Defence Fund (1971). Offset litho, printed in red on yellow stock. Illustrated with an eight-panel cartoon commenting on the stages of life as a series of jail terms.

The text solicits contributions for the defence fund, and reads (in part): “Jake Prescott and Ian Purdie come up at the Old Bailey on 7th September, charged with conspiracy to cause explosions in the U.K. including blowing up Robert Carr’s home. The evidence against them is very weak and dubious, and much of it is based on their political beliefs and their opposition to the Industrial Relations Bill of which Carr is the engineer.”

In December 1971 Purdie was found not guilty on all charges, and Prescott not guilty of specific bombings, but he was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment after being found guilty of conspiracy to cause bombings on the basis of having written three envelopes.

34524 34525 34525_2 34544

2 thoughts on “Stoke Newington 8 posters and more

  1. Hi,

    Your blog has been such a good find!

    Wish I had seen this when it was first posted.

    I’m the daughter of Jake Prescott and would have loved a poster.

    If anyone reading this may have purchased one, please reply!

    Thank you

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