Hackney Anarchy Week, final programme 1996

NB: This updated programme was published on the first day of the festival – Friday 24 May, so events on that day are not included. All Week Squat Cafe • Cheap vegan food • Every evening 18.00-23.00 • Note the cafe provides … Continue reading

Hackney Anarchy Week, 1996

This ten day festival in the borough was inspired by the London-wide “Anarchy In the UK” festival of 1994. It commenced exactly 15 years ago to the day. HAW was the culmination of six months of a small crew  holding at least … Continue reading

A Radical History of Hackney Parks

“The Park is called the People’s Park And all the walks are theirs And strolling through the flowery paths They breathe exotic airs, South Kensington, let it remain Among the Upper Ten. East London, with useful things, Be left with … Continue reading