Radical History of Hackney material can also be found on:




A Hackney Autobiography – recording and remembering the history of Centerprise.

Abney Park Cemetary

Hackney Account – Youth led police monitoring group.

De Beaver – archive of newspapers of the De Beauvoir Association from 1971-1984.

Hackney Solidarity Network – umbrella organisation for activists and community groups in the borough. Publish the 21st century Hackney Heckler.

Hackney Independent – working class community politics, mainly concentrating on South Hackney.

Hackney Alliance – defending public services against cuts and layoffs.

Hackney Flashers – archival site dedicated to this 1970s radical feminist photography collective.

Friends of Hackney Nurseries – a local group of parents, nursery workers, local residents and community activists that believe that quality childcare should be affordable and accessible to all those who need it.

Neil Martinson – Photographer whose work appeared in Centerprise’s “Working Lives” books. His site includes these and many other Hackney photos, including protests and other material.

Blood And Property – an interesting blog covering the political machinations in Hackney.

OPEN Dalston – campaigns for excellence in the quality of the built environment and public realm, the provision of transportation and amenities, and to ensure that changes to these have proper regard to the needs of local residents and businesses and the maintenance of a sustainable residential and business community.

Hackney Archives

Hackney Museum

Hackney Oral History – a collective of people interested in oral history who are currently researching people’s experiences of housing in Hackney.

What Is Chats Palace? – history of the venue/community centre and other things (like radical posters they found in the loft!)

The People’s Story of Woodberry Down

Horrid Hackney – Recounting Hackney’s Horrible Histories

Newington Green Meeting House – home of radicals since 1708

Radical History


Past Tense – South London Radical History and more.

East End History Walks

Hayes Peoples History

Radical History Network of North East London

Lewisham ’77 – documentation of the anti-fascist protest.

Transpontine – South East London blogzine

56A Infoshop – a hive of activity in Elephant and Castle which includes an offline archive of radical publications. Have been very helpful with material for this site.

Housmans – one of London’s few surviving independent radical bookshops.

The Queer History of East London Project

East London Histories

Antihistory – documenting the Antiuniversity (launched in Shoreditch, 1968)

Reclaim EC1 – Campaigning for a more democratic City of London


Bristol Radical History Group

Manchester’s Radical History

Northern Radical History Network

Nottingham Radical History Group

York’s Alternative History


Hatful of History

Unfinished Histories – British Alternative Theatre 1968-1988

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  1. Hi, this is great! Fantastic resource. I administrate the wiki if you don’t mind I’ll put a link to this on there. Did meet you briefly with Lisa R at the launch of the hackney buildings book. Cheers, Jess

  2. Hi, Thanks for linking to the Hackney Flashers website. Due to technical issues, the domain name is now (not .com as previously).
    We’d be grateful if you could update the link to make sure your visitors are not sent to a broken link. Thanks!
    The Hackney Flashers Collective.

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