The People’s Story of Woodberry Down


“A project to help uncover and celebrate the history of the Woodberry Down Estate over the past 60 years.”

Contents so far include some great photos of residents in the 1950s, an open invitation to attend their “Memory Shop” and share experiences of living on the estate.

In May, a Guardian feature on the recent radical transformation of Woodberry Down entitled “The truth about gentrification: regeneration or con trick?” produced a very defensive response from the council.

The People’s Story of Woodberry Down is being run by Woodberry Down Community Organisation “in partnership with Eastside Community Heritage, Manor House Development, Genesis Housing Association, Berkeley Group and Hackney Council.” So it will be interesting to see how critical of the council, housing associations and regeneration process the project will be.

1 thought on “The People’s Story of Woodberry Down

  1. I wanted to move back to london, in 1974 I had one son and pregnant with 2nd child, me an my husband had roots there . I was raised in Amwell court not far from woodberry Down, the council exchanged our property for Ashdale House which we loved; the community spirit was good and we watched our kids playing out from our balconys, not like today; I also went to woodberry down comprehensive school from 1963- 1967.
    It is sad that our history is going, but its progress. My sister and i went to visit the new opening on sunday 8th may 16, and we visit every year, and see changes all around, its sad but the wild life we really enjoyed.

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