Hackney Homeless Festival, Clissold Park, May 1994

The always excellent “History is Made at Night” on this free festival.

It was a great day, and I’m relieved that my terrible haircut of the time is absent from the video footage. I seem to recall mainly hanging around the Club Dog stage, which was on the Green Lanes side of the park and included the awful MC Teabag alongside some great DJs and the awesome Test Dept. I suspect I also saw some or all of Back To The Planet, Dreadzone and/or Radical Dance Faction, because they seemed to be lurking at every festival going around then.

Without rubbing too much salt in the wounds of the younger generation, this was a much less tame affair than recent “Stokefests” in the park.

This site already has a photo of the aftermath of the police’s antics of the day:

From Hackney’s Anarchic Nineties.

People who witnessed or were victims of police violence were encouraged to contact Hackney Community Defence Association if I remember rightly.

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