Reminder: 8th May: Radical History Network of North East London meeting

Radical History Network of North East London

Meeting: ‘EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE: General Strikes, Solidarity Strikes and Industrial Solidarity

“The general strike is a revolution which is everywhere and nowhere”
(Fernand Pelloutier)

Wednesday 8th May, at 7.30 pm.

Venue: Wood Green Social Club. 
 3 Stuart Crescent Wood Green,
 London N22 5NJ
(Not far from Wood Green tube/end of White Hart Lane/nr Civic Centre)

On the 87th anniversary of one of the most crucial days in the 1926 General Strike…

The General Strike was originally conceived as a revolutionary weapon – a way for the working class to seize control of society and remake it in their interest.

In recent decades General Strikes have been used and proposed for less lofty aims; and in the current onslaught on our living and working conditions, are seen as a defensive weapon, holding off the imposition of austerity…

But is a centrally organized General Strike with one specific aim an effective tactic, either for immediate practical gains, or to overthrow capitalism. Organised through the union structures and hierarchies which often frustrate workers struggles, what can a General Strike realistically achieve? How might industrial solidarity be more effectively built? Amidst repeated agitation for One-day General Strikes – is a one day strike really a general Strike at all?

With these questions in mind, we aim to discuss several issues, including some of the myths and facts of the 1926 general Strike in the UK – was it really defeated by the TUC General Council selling it out? Or was it in fact sabotaged at a more local level?

Workers’ struggles are very difficult in the context of 27% unemployment. We will look at how the recent general strikes in Spain have widened out to include action by unemployed people, students and pensioners, and how the recent struggles have connected industrial action with other important areas such as housing and education.

We also hope to discuss alternative tactics and strategies that have succeeded in winning strikes and building solidarity across industry lines.

All welcome, come with an open mind…