“What we seek is the truth”: the Role of Public Mourning and Alternative Media Forms in Protests against Racial Violence in Hackney

A great blog post by Tom Ramsden that uses and expands on material from this site and other interesting sources.


In the month of October we will be marking Black History Month by sharing a series of short essays written by four recent graduates of the History Department at the University of Manchester. These students were part of Kerry Pimblott’s third year seminar on the Black Freedom Movement and were tasked with putting their new historical skills to work by performing original research on the transnational links between movements for racial justice in the US and UK. We would like to extend our thanks to the many archivists and librarians who assisted the students in developing these important profiles in Black British History.

Our first blog post on protests following the death of 21-year-old Colin Roach in 1983 is from Tom Ramsden, a recent graduate of the University of Manchester History Department.

“Who killed Colin Roach? A lot of people want
to know, 

Who killed Colin Roach? Them better tell…

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